12 | Revolving Doors (The Doors cover versions) | 8.2018

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Break On Through – Sham 69
Soul Kitchen – Patti Smith
Crystal Ship – Duran Duran
Twentieth Century Fox – John Mellencamp
Light My Fire – 1994 Remastered Version – Shirley Bassey
Back Door Man – Howlin‘ Wolf°
I Looked at You – Krank
Take It As It Comes – Ramones
The End – Gregorian
Strange Days (feat. Ray Manzarek) – Prong
You’re Lost Little Girl – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Love Me Two Times – Air America/Soundtrack Version – Aerosmith
People Are Strange – Echo & the Bunnymen
I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind – George Winston
Hello, I Love You – The Cure
Love Street – George Winston
Summer’s Almost Gone – George Winston
Donna Maria – Spanish Caravan – Pate Mustajarvi
My Wild Love – George Winston
Tell All The People – Merry Clayton
Touch Me – La Lupe
Wishful, Sinful – George Winston
The Soft Parade – Saucers
Roadhouse Blues – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Waiting For The Sun – Live – Soundgarden
Peace Frog (Live) – Saccharine Trust
The Spy – Lydia Lunch
Love Her Madly – George Winston
L.A. woman – Short Film – Leningrad Cowboys
Riders On The Storm – Santana

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Break On Through (To The Other Side) – The Doors
Soul Kitchen – The Doors
The Crystal Ship – The Doors
Twentieth Century Fox – The Doors
Light My Fire – The Doors
Back Door Man – The Doors
I Looked At You – The Doors
Take It As It Comes – The Doors
The End – The Doors
Strange Days – The Doors
You’re Lost Little Girl – The Doors
Love Me Two Times – The Doors
People Are Strange – The Doors
I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind – The Doors
Hello, I Love You – The Doors
Love Street – The Doors
Summer’s Almost Gone – The Doors
Spanish Caravan – The Doors
My Wild Love – The Doors
Tell All The People – The Doors
Touch Me – The Doors
Wishful Sinful – The Doors
The Soft Parade – The Doors
Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
Waiting For The Sun – The Doors
Peace Frog – The Doors
The Spy – The Doors
Love Her Madly – The Doors
L.A. Woman – The Doors
Riders On The Storm – The Doors

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Update: 28.10.2018

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